PoNET CNC keyboard

Well, engineered water and dustproof CNC keyboard with 48 keys, 48, LEDs on each key, additional Power and Status LEDs, and light sensor. It has a beautiful hard-anodized aluminum frame. On the backside, there are mounting screws that are invisible when the keyboard is mounted.

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PoNETkbd48CNC v2 is waterproof rugged CNC keyboard

Well, engineered water and dustproof CNC keyboard with 48 keys. On the front, there is a scratchproof and waterproof surface. Furthermore, a rugged aluminum frame is supporting complete construction.

Version 2 comes with improved robustness to electrical noise for even more reliable operation of the machine and support for longer connection cables.

Each key has LEDs for signaling. Moreover, LEDs functions are configurable. Special Power is signaling correct supply voltage. Moreover, Status LED is signaling the status of the keyboard. Light sensor is constantly measuring environment light and can regulate the luminosity of the LEDs. A hard-anodized aluminum frame brings great mechanical stability. Mounting screws are available from the backside. Thus mounting holes are invisible when the keyboard is mounted.

Connection to all PoKeys57 series devices with PoNET interface is possible. When using PoKeys with a USB connection, PoNETkbd48CNC can also emulate a standard USB keyboard.
Besides that Mach3 and Mach4 PoKeys plugins are supporting functions of the PoNETkbd48 directly.

Custom layout available on request for quantity 50 pcs. up.

Package includes:

  • PoNETkbd48CNC v2 keyboard
  • adapter board (PoNET_I2C Extender)
  • 6-wire flat cable with attached connectors
  • 10-wire flat cable with attached connectors
  • PoNET cable for connection to PoKeys CNC controller

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 2 cm


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