Oryx GT3-1510-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine


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Oryx GT3-1510-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine & THC Control

Integrated THC

Torch height control is a critical application in CNC plasma cutting for creating the best cut quality in your part and also consumable life. This component is controlled and monitored by arc voltage, moving the Z-axis up or down to keep the torch at the same distance from the material throughout the cut. Great feature for cutting bowed or warping material and also is used for cutting corrugated.

THC Anti-Dive

THC Anti-Dive is another critical feature for cut quality when slowing down on corners, end of the cuts, and also creating those perfect holes. THC Anti-Dive disables THC when the arc voltage drops below a certain percentage of your arc voltage setting when you are slowing the feed rate around corners or when cutting holes. If not disabled, your torch would dive into the part/hole.


Standard on all of our machines is a waterbed below the cutting area. This part of a CNC plasma table drastically decreases smoke and dust in your work environment. It also helps cool the material, decreasing the chance of the material warping faster.

CNC Motion Control Software

Mach 3 / Mach 4 Plasma motion control software, Windows compatible with Ethernet and USB interface. We use SheetCAM for CAD / CAM generating cutting toolpaths.

Oryx GT3-1510-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine & THC Control


  • Mechanical Hardware
  • Plug and play electronics enclosure with E-stop button
  • Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP with PlasmaSens THC Control
  • 7 x Limit switches ( X +, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+)
  • Homing and Soft Limits capable due to 2 limit switches on each axis
  • CNC Controller – Pokeys57CNC
  • Software: Mach3 or Mach4
  • CAM Software: SheetCAM TNG
  • 24 Months Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Oryx GT3-1510-CUT40 CNC Plasma Machine & THC Control


  • Plasma Bed: Waterbed for minimal smoke pollution and heat deformation
  • CNC Controller: Pokeys57CNC Controller
  • THC Controller: PlasmaSens THC Control
  • Servo Motor Size: 1.5 Nm Nema 23 Servo Motors
  • Motion System: Dual Y – Belt Drive Gantry System
  • Plasma System Capacity: Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP
  • Duty Cycle: Industrial
  • Safety: E-Stop, 7 x Limit switches ( X +, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, )
  • Homing, Auto Squaring, and Soft Limits
  • Power: 220V single-phase
  • Bed Size (Working Area): 1300mm x 800mm
  • Control Software: Mach3 or Mach4 
  • CAM Software: SheetCAM TNG
  • Accuracy: ± 0.001mm

Optional Upgrades:

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