Whiteside 705 CNC Starter Bit Set

Home hobbyist or small shop, it doesn’t matter. Whiteside has the CNC bits to get the job done. To get the most out of your machines, you need the best bits on the market. Whiteside has put together sets of the most popular and useful bits needed for your CNC.


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Whiteside 705 CNC Starter Bit Set

The Whiteside 705 CNC Starter Bit Set is a great asset for small CNC owners who are just learning how to use their CNC machines. Even experienced CNC machinists will appreciate the selection of bits in this set. This group contains five 1/4 bits including two Conical Ball Nose Spirals, an Up-Cut Spiral, and two V Groove bits. Perfect for 2D and 3D Carving.

• 705
• CNC Starter Set
• Industrial Quality
• CNC Starter Set 5 Pc. Set Includes: SC64, SC66, RU2075, 1502, and 1550.