Bearing Block Set for SFU20 Ball Screw-FK15 & FF15


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Bearing Block Set for SFU20 Ball Screw-FK15 & FF15

Bearing block set for SFU20 ball screw.  These bearing blocks are designed to transfer the high loads that can be generated by ball screws.  It consists of two bearing blocks, one for the fixed side and one for the floating side.  The fixed side consist of two deep groove ball bearings mounted back to back to offer zero-backlash and can operate under high axial loads.  The floating side bearing block consists of a single deep groove ball bearing to keep the ball screw aligned.  This set comes with the fixing nut to mount the ball screw to the bearing block as well as the circlip to mount the floating side bearing block.  These bearing blocks are manufactured with a high level of accuracy to ensure a long service life.

Bearing Block Set for SFU16 Ball Screw-FK12 & FF12


  • Product code: BF10 (Fixed side) & FF10 (Floating side)
  • Designed for ball screw: SFU20
  • Mounting surface relative to ball screw: Perpendicular to ball screw
  • Bearing type in fixed side bearing block: 2 x deep groove ball bearings
  • Bearing type is floating side bearing block: Deep groove ball bearing


Compatible with the following Ball Screws: